Renewable Energy

BIPV roofing membrane with 25-year service life for C&I applications

Solvay has announced a partnership with China’s 3TREES to develop building-integrated photovoltaic thermoplastic polyolefin roofing membranes that comply with China’s

China connects world’s largest redox flow battery system to grid

Dalian Rongke Power has connected a 100 MW redox flow battery storage system to the grid in Dalian, China. It

Ørsted, Energy Dome partner on 20 MW/200 MWh of CO2 batteries in Europe

Energy Dome has entered into a partnership with Ørsted to run a feasibility study on the deployment of at least

Toshiba raises efficiency of transparent cuprous oxide solar cell from 8.4% to 9.5%

Toshiba has revealed that it has improved the power conversion efficiency of a transparent cuprous oxide solar cell to 9.5%,



Nemo Sub Lets You Live Out Your Bond Villain Fantasies!

Are you an overweight megalomaniac with dreams of global domination and a fluffy white cat that loves to be petted


Fraunhofer ISE Doubles Production Speed Of Silicon Wafers For Solar Panels

Solar and wind are the keys to the world’s need for more renewable energy. But there are production constraints that